Event Producer.

Volunteer Coordinator. 

Project Manager.

I love organizing people, creating experiences, and making unique, creative, educational, and entertaining events happen. If you have an event that needs volunteers, let me help you recruit, train, and schedule those volunteers. If you need help organizing your event, communicating with artists, managing press kits, scheduling events, contacting sponsors, venue communications, contract management, setting up scheduling and ticketing, promotion, sourcing the right people to help make your events or special projects happen, finding someone to build you a robot, or just someone who is organized, capable, creative, fun, and reliable to keep you sane – I will be that person.

I have lived in Austin for 19 years, and I am in total love with the vibrant and diverse communities that keep Austin entertained and learning.

While I enjoying being a part of almost any event, I specialize in assisting non-profit organizations, edutainment (educational entertainment) shows and events, makers and those working with electronics, art, science, technology, music and performance, geek and gamers, and LGBT+ community events. Let me know how I can help you make something special!

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